www.faces.ru  (2001)

Choreography: Olga Pona
Costumes and set: Olga Pona
Music: Russian Folk, Phillip MacKenzie, Urban Tribe
Sound edit and light design: Olga Pona
Duration: 30 min.

www.faces.ru is a portrait gallery of the Russian village, in the past as well as in the present. The Russian village, the true face of what Russia is about.“
Tradition and rubber boots” (Isabelle Siemes / Neue Rhein Zeitung)“Faces” makes makes out of this moment, not nostalgic and not sad, just simple and real … (Gesa Pölert / Rheinische Post)“… Olga Pona, translating the disharmony of Russian society into dance…” (Ravi Kamalkar / Süd Deutsche Zeitung)“ It is possible to let your eyes travel through the many centers on the stage, and still, there will be always something you don’t see…” Bettina Trouwborst / BalletTanz)

Photos: Company