Waiting  (2002)

Choreography: Olga Pona
Music: A.Aigei, V.Starostin, Tuva, Bulgarian, Russian Folk, Urban Tribe, David Cunningham. Sound mix: Olga Pona
Costumes and set: Olga Pona
Light design: Horst Mühlberger
Duration: 30 min.

  Awarded the Golden Mask 2003 for contemporary dance choreography

“Waiting” was produced in January 2002 by tanzhaus nrw, Düsseldorf, Germany. Premiere: 31.1.2002 at tanzhaus nrw.

“Waiting” deals with a crucial part of Russian life: waiting. Waiting for communism to bring a better life, waiting for capitalism to bring a better life, waiting for Winter to turn into Spring, waiting for the next bus or train. When waiting becomes so much a part of life, it is no longer about lost time, but it becomes part of ones existence: tomorrow everything will be better.

Photos: Sergey Matveev