Staring into Eternity  (2003)

Choreography: Olga Pona
Music: Roman Dubinikov, V.Havel, R.Ikeda, Russian Folk (edit: Olga Pona)
Costumes, set, light: Olga Pona
Dancers: 6 male dancers + 2 singers
Duration: 35 min.

There is a moment in life when you want to stop running, where you want to be quiet and invisible, in order to allow yourself to see and to listen. To “see” doesn’t mean to look at something concrete: Staring into Eternity, a journey into one self. To “listen” doesn’t mean that there are voices or sounds: listening to one self and hearing stillness.
“Staring into Eternity” deals with a different side of Russian men, their vulnarability and sensitivity, qualities which they cannot afford to show in a society in which their role is defined by tradition and the despair caused by their inability not to be able to fullfill this role.

Photos: 1 – 6 Christian Enger