Nostalgia  (2005)

Choreography: Olga Pona.
Set design: Olga Pona, Irena Jarutis
Music: R.Ikeda, A.Pärt, T.Yamanaka, Body Electric, Urban Tribe.
Sound edit: Olga Pona
Costumes: Olga Pona. Light: Vladimir Karpov
Duration: 40 min.

  Nominated for Golden Mask 2006

The ten performers, five men and five woman, travel in this piece through their memories of (Russian) life. Russian life represented by a forest of birch trees, the symbol of rural Russia, covering all of Siberia. They meet and split, find happiness and tragedy, memories of normal Russian (village) life, which is hard and real. “Nostalgia” is a co-production of tanzhaus nrw – Düsseldorf, Haus der Kulturen der Welt – Berlin and Künstlerhaus Mouson Turm – Frankfurt.
A first sketch of “Nostalgia” was made in the Summer of 2004 with students of the American Dance Festival (ADF) in Durham, USA.

Photos: Anja Beutler