Celestial Bodies  (2009)

Choreography: Olga Pona.
Costumes, set: Olga Pona.
Light: Vladimir Karpov
Co-production: Theater im Pumpenhaus, Münster
Duration: 50 min.

During the past ten years, Olga Pona has developed an increasing interest in working with complexity in terms of choreography as well as movement language. This interest is not so much driven by an intellectual desire to create work which is complex and multi-layered, as well as by the increasing ability of the dancers to deal with such tasks, as by her observation of nowadays Russian life, where complexity is daily reality. In “Celestial Bodies” Olga Pona expands the idea of complexity into different dimensions and at the same time she tries to preserve a sense of clarity by dividing the dancers into small units: solo’s, duets and trios. Is there a story? There might be, but more important is to give the spectator the opportunity to make personal choices, to see what is important for you to see, which is probably the only way to discover the simplicity of complexity.

Photos: Ursula Kaufmann