Audrey  (2005)

Idea: Olga Pona. Choreography: Maria Greyf, Olga Pona.
Video: DanceArt.
Light design: Vladimir Karpov.
Music: Henri Mancini, Richard Fielding. Sound edit: Olga Pona.
Duration: 18 min.

  Nominated for Golden Mask 2007

“Audrey” is a solo danced by Maria Greyf. It was made as a collaboration between Olga Pona and Maria Greyf, where Maria developed the movement material and Olga created a structure and a concept. “Audrey” is based on two movies with Audrey Hepburn, “Roman Holiday” and “Breakfast at Tiffany”. The reason is maybe that in a industrial city in the Ural, there is a dancer, whose peronality seems to fit the character and the person in these movies.
“Audrey” is the first solo made in the Chelyabinsk Contemporary Dance Theater. It is alo a first step towards dancers of the company getting involved in creating work. “Audrey” shows Maria Greyf as a unique performer with an exceptional physicality. Premiere at the TSEH Festival, Moscow, December 3, 2005. “Audrey” was nominated for the Golden Mask 2007.

Photos: Sergey Matveev