A Place to Hide   (2014)

Chor. Olga Pona
Dance: Svetlana Lvova, Elena Prishvitsyna, Olga Sharova, Maria Greyf, Tatiana Sushchenko, Yulia Abramova, Tatiana Kritskaia
Light: Volker Sippel
Set: Igor Prokopev
Music: a collection of Open Source sound fragments, edited by Olga Pona
Co-Produktion: Theater im Pumpenhaus
Duration: 30 min.

Seven female dancers, mothers and children at the same time. When there is fear, where can we hide? The mother provides security, but where do I go when I am the mother as well as the child? Creating work that is connected to “war”, could be very dramatic, too dramatic maybe. Dance tries to reach us at a level where there are no words, where the choreographer uses her intuition to find a physical language that causes thought beyond the predictable. The dancers bodies are visible, they speak to us and want to be seen, but at the same time, they want a place to hide. Is there such a place within ourselves?

Photos: DanceArt