Poetry in the line of fire  (2020)

November 4, 2020

Specially for the Museum of the History of Russia, playwright Konstantin Rubinsky and Olga Pona’s Chelyabinsk Theater of Contemporary Dance have created an experimental theatrical lecture dedicated to the Great Patriotic War. You will find touching stories about the most terrible event in the history of our country, which will come to life with the combination of dance and poetry.

Dancers: Elena Prishvitsyna, Andrey Zykov, Tatiana Lumpova, Tatiana Kritskaya, Tatiana Sushchenko, Dmitry Chegodar, Stepan Bannov, Rafael Timerbakov, Denis Chernyshov, Nurlan Nurushev, Daria Platonova, Anna Toporischeva, Konstantin Rubinsky (Poet)

Photos: Daria Pona